LDAP authentication failure

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LDAP authentication failure

Post by nrichardson » Mon Oct 14, 2013 4:39 pm

Trying to get my development system to authenticate with LDAP.
MY Domain Name is: GPIHST.HST
My virtual Directory in on the root of C:/on the infoRouter server
I bring up infoRouter and when I select 'Member Login' I get the following error.

infoRouter - Error
System.UriFormatException : Invalid URI: The URI is empty.
External Authentication Authority Error.
Specific help on this topic may be found here: https://support.inforouter.com/kb80/IRV ... e.138.aspx
External Authentication (GPIHST) Authority Error.

I have tried all of the Troubleshooting and have walked through the documentation multiple times with my system support team to no avail.
Please help,

Thank you,

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Re: LDAP authentication failure

Post by infoRouter Guru » Sun Oct 20, 2013 7:49 am


Please make sure that you have created the virtual directory as a separate VD and not within infoRouter. This is always a good reason for it not to work.

Also, look at the web.config under the c:/inforouter/site directory to make sure the domain name has been specified correctly.

If this does not help, please email the contents of the web.config file to support@inforouter.com
We can also hop on to your server via remote access and take a look.

Let us know.

The Guru

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