Default Document Types on folders

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Default Document Types on folders

Post by ab4ok » Tue Apr 19, 2016 11:02 am

I don't know how other companies address this, but I can't count on using the Document Type field as a search option since I have no guarantee that the user assigned the document type. But if I could assign a default document type to a folder, then whenever a document is placed into that folder it can be automatically set with the right type. This is very helpful in the following scenario: Let's say I have a library called, "Knowledge Base" and in that library are folders like, "Client Issues", "Server Issues", "Hardware Guides", "Warranties", "Software Manuals", etc. I may want the person who is uploading warranty documents to assign the doc type "WARRANTY", but if he forgets then the warranties folder will have search issues. For example, If I wanted to define a search for the Knowledge Base library and let the user select Document Type as a search option, I can't guarantee the right documents will return if some docs are assign while others are "Generic Type." If I don't take advantage of the Document Type field when searching, then the results returned can be enormous. Document Type filtering would be super if I could just be sure they're getting assigned properly.

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