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Enhance the logs and reports

Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:49 pm
by cradoede
Could you please add a Print or Save to File option when running a report in infoRouter. We have a customer right now dealing with a state agency that wants a report from the company that tells them what documents have been deleted or off of retention that is going to be deleted. This is important to have anyway seeing that InfoRouter doesn't have this and I was told that it was coming with .115 update.


Re: Enhance the logs and reports

Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2011 9:52 am
by infoRouter Guru

In the latest release, we introduced a series of new "Logs". The next wave of development regarding logs will be to create printable/downloadable reports.
The feeling around here is to create straight text reports that can be saved into MS Excel or a similar tool so that it can be edited for style by the user.

I am not sure where you heard that this would be delivered in 8.1.115 but my guess is that it will be delivered sometime this year (2011).

The Guru