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Other Workflow Enhancements

Post by ab4ok » Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:54 pm

Here's what I would like to see (in the very near future! ;-) to really make Workflow something super:

(NOTE: I made changes on 2/22/12 after realizing that some of the things I'm asking for are already there. Sorry for my ignorance.)

1) Make "Percent Complete" more than just a field value: Make it part of defined Advanced Searches, Categories, Portal views, and Workflow tasks, so that people can ask the system to show them all documents that are not yet complete, or less than a certain percentage complete, etc.

2) In regards to "Percentage Complete", the "Upload Document gadget" sets the percentage complete field to 100%. Either this needs to be set as a variable upon document upload or set in the gadget settings. (More explanation as to why this is needed below.)

3) I LOVE the way you can have an html document on a portal that a user simply fills in and submits, which can then go into a specific folder and be part of a workflow. SIMPLE. HOWEVER, it would be perfect if it can also be done with an MS Office document (Word, Excel), too. In the meantime I created the following workaround:
a) I used the "Link Farm gadget" and provided a link to the template MS Excel spreadsheet in Inforouter, and I instruct the user to use "Save As" to the Desktop and give it a unique name.
b) I used the "Upload Document gadget" so the user can easily place the spreadsheet into the proper folder when ready.
c) I "subscribed" myself to receive an email whenever a spreadsheet is uploaded to that folder.
d) When I get the email notification, I then assign it to a workflow. Since the first step in the workflow does not have a defined user, I also select who should work on it for the next step.
NOTE: This works fine except that when the document is uploaded via the Upload Document gadget the percent complete is set to 100%. When I try to assign it to workflow I cannot do it until I change the percentage complete field to less than 100.

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Re: Other Workflow Enhancements

Post by infoRouter Guru » Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:33 pm


All your suggestions are great. We will definitely consider every single one of them for the upcoming releases.

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