Permission to Delete Document Versions

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Permission to Delete Document Versions

Post by merig » Thu May 09, 2013 3:17 am

Is there a way to prevent the deletion of document versions by someone with change permissions?

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Re: Permission to Delete Document Versions

Post by infoRouter Guru » Thu May 09, 2013 5:18 am

Under normal circumstances, anyone with "change rights" on a document can create new versions, delete existing versions etc.

The "Library Policies" feature allows you to tie certain actions to certain security rights in a given library.
You can set different rules/policies for each library so in effect, each library can have its own rules and policies.

Why: You may want to restrict certain things in a given project (a library) but wish to set far less restrictions on other libraries.

The default behavior of infoRouter is to allow users with "change" rights on a document to delete existing versions.
If you wish to change this behavior, you can go to the Library Policies screen and make adjustments.

Here is how to get there:
Login as the SYSADMIN
Click on the infoRouter "Control Panel" tab.
Click on the "Libraries" link
Select the library in question
Click on the "Library Policies" link on the left.

Scroll down to the section that allows you to set the rules for "version deletion".
By selecting the appropriate check boxes, you can control who gets to "delete versions".
The last column (Users with) indicates the security level needed to perform that function.
Set that to "Full Control" to allow only people with "Full Control" rights to be able to delete versions.
If you set this value to "blank". It will mean that no amount of security will be enough to perform that function, thereby disallowing the feature.

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