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infoRouter Form Templates

Post by merig » Mon May 27, 2013 7:05 am

Hi All,

I'm new to Inforouter and new to this forum!

I am looking to replace my company's obsession with circulating paper copies of forms. We have masses of paper going around the office and it's inefficient.

Basically I see HTML forms and Workflow as the way forward but I struggle with the concept of this being simply making the process 'Electronic' and that's about it. I say this because my understanding of HTML forms in Inforouter is simply, Create a Template that users can complete, save a completed copy of and then circulate via workflow. This for me simply creates an electronic bit of paper and I have to admit I wanted a bit more than this.

Ideally, I'd want the information inputted on to the form to be saved in to a central data location such as an access database or our MRP system, not simply recorded on a form that is then saved as a separate document and then needs someone to look at that form to input into another system. That is much the same as howwe already work, except the form is not in paper format, it's electronic.I want to save paper, but I also want to save time!!

Is my understanding of this limitation correct or can HTML forms be smarter and more than just electronic templates that are then filled in and then saved as a completed version?

Really keen to get away from paper and electronic copies of bits of paper! I can't see how a HTML template has benefit over an MS Office template?

Thanks in advance for any input

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Re: infoRouter Form Templates

Post by infoRouter Guru » Mon May 27, 2013 7:54 am


InfoRouter Form Templates are HTML form pages that are used to capture content. They are an extended version of standard HTML forms. In their raw format, standard HTML forms will work perfectly to capture information from users. These templates can also contain HTML formatting (for output) information. Common uses for infoRouter templates include form letters, memos, resumes, documentation, articles etc.

infoRouter templates were developed with real life scenarios in mind. InfoRouter templates are capable of rendering the captured data in multiple output formats by using and linking other templates. This is done through the use of advanced template directives. Form templates produce editable output. In other words, a document created using a form template can be edited using the same form template. Just as other inforouter documents, documents created using form templates are subject to the same rules, they may have versions etc.

To find more detailed information about form templates please check the documentation on ... de-V80.pdf



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