scan station- hotfolder

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scan station- hotfolder

Post by horla » Mon May 17, 2010 9:28 am

pls what is the relationship between scanstation and hotfolder. do they work hand in hand? i installed both add-on and i tried to upload images to inforouter but at the ponit where i am suppose to enable conversion to pdf r edit the image, and add custom propetries the whole images in the (hotfloder) folder moves straight into the inforouter folder. is this normal? pls enlighten me.thanks

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Re: scan station- hotfolder

Post by infoRouter Guru » Wed May 26, 2010 5:24 am

Hello Horla,

The Scan Station product and the Hot Folder product are not related or connected.
The only thing that is common to both is that they both move documents into infoRouter.

Here is how they both work:

Scan Station:
Main purpose is to pull up a batch of scanned documents one by one process each scanned image and push the image (PDF conversion optional) into infoRouter.
Custom Property Sets (Meta Data) can be specified (optional).

Hot Folders:
This program runs as a service in the background.
It watches a file system folder and automatically pulls any new documents into infoRouter without any user intervention.

You can find more information on these products on our support site the "Additional Modules" section.

The Guru.

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